Man loses perfect smile as false tooth flies out his mouth on slingshot ride

If you’re going to lose something very expensive, you may as well do it while you’re having a laugh.

A man has shared his hilarious reaction after losing a tooth while on a 300ft-high theme park ride – just five days before his brother’s wedding.

Cheerleading coach James Dunham, 30, looked like he was ready to get off after his tooth flew out his mouth while he was on the slingshot attraction.

The pair shoot into the air and appear to be having a great time before disaster strikes.

James can be seen screaming before his front tooth suddenly flies out his mouth, at which point shock visibly sets in.

Following a moment of processing, he turns to the girl and asks her “You wanna hear something really crazy?”

He then continues: “I have fake teeth and they just flew out when I yelled.”

She begins hysterically laughing as he smiles and shows off the gap, before asking: “You don’t have teeth?” she asks, as she realises the severity of the situation. “No,” he replies.

She continues: “Where did it go?” to which he understandably replies: “I don’t know.”

“So they just flew out…why didn’t you take it out before you went?” she asks. He admits: “Because I’ve never had that happen before.”

Before the pair get off the ride, the woman makes the pair smile at the camera and adds: “Smile with your teeth, so cute!”

In the comments, James said the incident took place on May 5th and that he was happy it made people laugh.

The cheerleading coach said the girl was one of the members of the team and was scared to ride alone.

He added: “It wasn’t a date, [it was] team-bonding with a team I coach, she was scared to get on so I rode it with her.

“The look of terror was me realising I didn’t have a tooth and I had my brothers wedding the next weekend.

“I got it replaced three days before the wedding.”

He uploaded a separate video explaining how he lost his tooth in the first place.

“I was in the sixth grade, we were playing basketball at recess and I was running for a loose ball and just got shoved in the back and when I got shoved I went face-first into the bleachers,” he said

The original video went viral on TikTok with 8.9 million views.

One person commented: “The fact she said ‘why didn’t you take them out before’ shows she understands and is not judgmental.

“She handled the situation well. Poor guy!”

Another joked: “Imagine him asking people if they saw his tooth lying around.”